San Sebastián & Barcelona, Spain

Was it really Spain? If you ask the Basques or the Catalans, probably not...

Night Trip

Spain was amazing and the artistry was inspiring. The architecture was so different and exciting.... the people are very independent and confident in a way that I admired.







Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Tuscany & Rome, Italy

Racing into the 21st Century, Italian style...

Night Trip

My second trip to Italy was even bigger and better.  What's not to love about Italy? the food is so delicious, the people are so beautiful and the lifestyle - la dolce vita - is truly how humans are supposed to live.  I was inspired by the forward-thinking, art loving Venitians the most.  Florence brought new, undiscovered backstreets.  And Rome, ah Rome.... a place made for exploring and savoring.  It will take me forever to really know it.  Can't wait to go back.






New York City -2-

A springtime rendezvous with my latest crush

Night Trip

Ok, I admit it.  I'm having a love affair with New York City.  I would love to go there every year until I die. There is so much to experience and the best part is that NYC is always changing and moving. Always alive and impressive. Whatever your mood, New York can accommodate.   I know I will have an ongoing, ever-expanding gallery of great shots from trips to New York.  (building the photo galleries currently...check back soon!)